Weekly Webrounds

Brush up on your knowledge before you head to the bar! The 5th round of each night’s trivia game is the web round. Players can visit this space to see what each night’s web round category will be, based upon a weekly theme. Each week is completely different, so come back often to find out what’s in store.


Due to everything going on, Quizzo is on hiatus. But, we shall return.

In the meantime, here’s some personal Web Rounds you can study, just for fun. 

Monday | Marprilaytember eleventeenth – Being safe

Tuesday | Marprilaytember 45st – Washing your hands

Wednesday | Marprilaytember 32nd – Practicing distancing

Thursday | Marprilaytember 33⅓ –  Self quarantining, if necessary

Friday | Marprilaytember 2.7th – Catching up on your favorite shows, music, books

Saturday | Marprilaytember ██st – Living long and prospering

Sunday | Marprilaytember fourftieth –  16th century existential philosophy

Have a topic you’d like us to incorporate for a week? Let us know, and we’ll look into it further.