League Scoring & Rules

Any issues or disputes that may present themselves will be resolved by the Quizmaster in a manner that reflects fairness, integrity and good judgment. Good sportsmanship is encouraged and appreciated. Furthermore, cheating and dishonesty may result in penalty and/or removal from the league.

The new Quizzo league in a nutshell:

  • Participating league bars play host to a 20-week trivia tournament and award a cash prize of up to $300 to the top team at the end of the tournament.
  • In addition to the cash prize, the winning team earns a spot in the Quizzo Cup Finals, where they will compete against the best and brightest trivia players in metro Detroit.
  • Team points are calculated each week based upon our sliding scale scoring system and posted to our website. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner!
  • Participation in the league is FREE! Just show up and play and your team will be automatically entered into the tournament.
  • Double- and- triple point bonus nights will be offered at intervals throughout the season. Playing on these nights earns you even more points towards your overall score!
  • There are two league seasons throughout the year: a Fall/Winter season that runs from September through February and a Spring/Summer season that goes from March to August.
  • The Quizzo Cup Finals will take place in March and September.

How the scoring system works:

  • Our tournament format utilizes a 10-8-6-4-2 sliding scale scoring system. Ten points are awarded for the night to the team that finishes in first place, eight points go to second place, six points to third place, four points to fourth place, two point to fifth place, and any team that finishes below that receives one point.
  • Points are accumulated week by week with updated standings posted to our website. The more weeks you play, the more points you earn!
  • Double- and- triple point multiplier weeks will be offered at intervals throughout the season. Playing on these weeks earns you even more points towards your overall score!
  • The team with the most points at the end of the tournament season will be crowded champions of their bar, winning a cash prize and earning a spot in the Quizzo Cup Finals.

League FAQ:

My team used to play in the old league format. How is this new format different? 

For starters, league play is now FREE! No more per-game fees! But the biggest difference is that league play now takes place at designated “tournament” locations.


Instead of earning points by playing at any Quizzo location and having one overall standing for all teams, each participating Quizzo league bar now plays host to its own 20-week tournament, where teams compete weekly to be bar champions at the end of the tournament.

How are league scores accumulated and tracked each week?

If you played in our old league and remember our Pub Brains Points scoring system, forget everything you learned for P.B.P. is no more. Pour one out.


We are now utilizing a 10-8-6-4-2 staggered points system in which the place you finish determines how many points you earn towards your league standings. A first-place finish earns your team 10 points in the standings for that week. Second place gets 8 points, third place 6 points, fourth place 4 points, fifth place 2 points and any team that finishes sixth or higher receives 1 point.


We will also be offering “multiplier weeks” throughout the season, where your team can gain double or triple the amount of points earned in a game.

Can my team still compete in the league once the tournament season has begun?

YES!!! Our league system is designed to make it possible for a team to jump in throughout the tournament season and still compete for a cash prize.

Can teams play at multiple league locations and compete in multiple tournaments?

You bet. Each tournament location is open to all teams. If your team has the time and the brains to compete at multiple locations each week, more power to you!

So what happens if one team wins at multiple locations? How does that affect who goes to the Quizzo Cup Finals?

In the event that one team wins tournament championships at multiple bars, the team that finishes in second place in the final standings at each of those locations will earn a spot in the Finals. The winning team will take the prize money at each location and head into the Finals as a heavy favorite, but these second place teams will also get a shot to play spoiler in the Finals and win the coveted Quizzo Cup and the payout that comes with it.

Can a team change their team name once the tournament season has begun?

The team name that you pick during your first week of play will be your official team name that is used for tracking scores and standings on our website. This will also be the name your team will be recognized by should you win your tournament and play in the Quizzo Cup Finals.


However, if you would like to use a different team name for the night throughout the tournament season, you can do so, but you MUST let your Quizzo host know first what your official league name is so your score can be recorded properly.


If you play under a different team name and fail to tell your host, your points will not be properly credited to your team and it cannot be changed after the fact.


*League rules updated August 2019