The Quizzo Cup Finals

Congratulations to our Fall 2019/Winter 2020 Quizzo Cup champions, Dick Wolf! Representing their home bar of Norm’s Field of Dreams in Troy, Dick Wolf beat out 20 other teams at the Quizzo Cup Finals at Mike’s Pizza Bar on March 5 to lay claim to the title and over $1,000 in cash! 

The History of The Quizzo Cup

Making its debut in 2009, the Quizzo Cup marked the end of a series of anti-climactic regular seasons and the beginning of a unique era in pub trivia. Ever since a team named Boatweiser first hoisted the Cup in September of that year, the Quizzo Cup has become the most sought-after championship for beer-drinking thinkers this side of the Detroit River. Some play for money, some for fame, but most play for the glory of having their name forever ingrained on the coveted Quizzo Cup.


Winners of the Cup are free to do whatever they want with the trophy for 10 weeks. Some cherish it, some drink from it, some travel with it and some treat it like family. Once your name is on the Cup, you can do with it what you will (within reason of course). Will your name be next?

Quizzo Cup Finals eligibility

  • Each team that is crowned champion at their tournament location will earn a spot in the Quizzo Cup Finals. These tournament champions will compete against each other in a final battle for trivia supremacy. The winning team takes home a large cash prize and is forever immortalized by having their names engraved on the Quizzo Cup.
  • In the event that one team wins at multiple tournament locations, the second-place team at each location will also be awarded a spot in the Quizzo Cup Finals. The tournament prize money will still be awarded to the top team.
  • The team captain MUST BE PRESENT at the Quizzo Cup Finals. You may file for an exception to this rule by emailing info@quizzousa.com – Exceptions will only be made to this rule if the captain is sending another REGULAR PLAYER (verifiable by Quizmasters) in his / her place.
  • Team size is limited to eight players in the Quizzo Cup Finals (and we highly recommend that you adhere to this in all Quizzo play). Players are allowed to arrive late but may not enter the game until the current round is completed. NOTE: If you have additional team members on location but sitting apart from your team, you are taking a BIG risk. IF THE OTHER TEAMS COMPLAIN YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
  • Your team MAY NOT use a player from another team, whether in the league or not (verifiable by Quizmasters).
  • If your team has a cell phone out during a round you will be penalized as the Quizmaster sees fit. Any team caught cheating will be removed from the Finals.
  • The Quizmaster has final say in all disputes, scoring matters and game play issues.
  • There is no Individual Bonus Question (IBQ) in Quizzo Cup Finals matches.