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QUIZZO has you covered. From bars to holiday parties to school events, we provide the best live trivia game in Michigan. With over a decade of experience, let our professional hosts add laughter and lasting memories to your special event.

Why do people love Quizzo so much?

It’s a crazy world, and there’s always work or school or family or 24 hour news and social media there reminding us that we’re just cogs in the machine. Are we saving enough for retirement? Is the economy going to tank? Who knows. But if you ask me what the license plate says on the Bluesmobile, I can tell you that for a fact!

Humans love games. We play games because they remind us we have freedom of choice. We get a dopamine hit every time we experience the feeling of mastery – the feeling of knowing that we know something. And everyone has one area, one body of knowledge, about which they are – or think they are – an absolute expert!

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