What is Quizzo? How does it work?

You grab a score sheet and a pen from your Quizmaster.
You create a team name, an identity, an expression of your essential nature…or you can call yourself Ramrod.
You relax, drink a beer and spend the next 120 minutes debating the answers to life’s most important questions, like, “Who was the first Beatle to cross Abbey Road?” or “How many U.S. States begin with a vowel?”. Between rounds you will find that the game changes quickly. Whether you are solving riddles, identifying famous faces or singing song lyrics, your every facet of trivial know-how will be tested and rewarded. The Quizmaster tallies up the points at the end of the game and awards an all expense paid trip to the bar to all of our top teams.

Game Play:

  • 6 rounds of trivia, each round covers a different category. Categories are pre selected daily and range from over 1000 topics.
  • 2 speed bonus rounds. Bonus rounds are timed and players are given a worksheet with 10 bonus opportunities written on it. Players must turn in sheets before time expires.
  • 1 pt is awarded for each correctly answered question and bonus opportunity. The 3rd question in every round is worth 3 pts.
  • Teams may check the Joker on the bottom corner of their answer sheet and receive double points for the round. Only one joker per game, so place it wisely.
  • At random intervals throughout the game, players may have the opportunity to win prizes such as drinks and apparel so always listen closely to the Quizmaster.


  • Team sizes are not limited, however, we ask that large groups keep it reasonable and consider splitting your empire in two…think MICROSOFT!
  • Using cell phones, PDAs and WiFi devices to obtain answers is prohibited. To make things easy, we ask that you keep such devices in your pocket until the round is over. Some cases call for a deduction of points based on the discretion of the Quizmaster.
  • Yelling out answers not only provides evidence of your inability to handle booze, it also ruins it for everyone else…and trust us…they are laughing AT you…not WITH you.

Your Quizmaster is there to uphold the integrity of the game and keep you entertained. Feel free to address any concerns with them and don’t forget to request a song or two.

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